Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cooling off

Holy Cow it is August!?!
So I got this idea on Pinterest (I feel like that's how 75% of my conversations start now-a-days..) for the pups.  The pin showed a picture (with no link) of a huge block of ice with dog toys and treats frozen in it.  The idea is to take it outside with you so the pups can stay entertained and cool.  I started with chicken broth mixed with water in a large tupperware container. Froze it part of the way, added in the toys and treats and then returned it to the freezer.
When we went outside, I dumped it into the grass and the girls worked hard to get their treats and toys out. 

Love this idea! Next time, I may freeze treats in an ice cube tray because this took them FOREVER to actually get to the good stuff.
Since you love my puppies (right!?) Here is what else they have been up to:
SNUGGLING! I didn't even place them like that, promise!
And playing with their favorites: E's is the Wubba
 Chlo's is the hamburger

Happy Wednesday!

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