Sunday, April 29, 2012

On the brink..

of a break! Praise the Lord my grad school semester is ALMOST over! I will have a few weeks break before the summer session begins.  Unfortunately for me though summer session starts on the last student day of school school (aka kindergarten), so I will not have an absolute break for both.  I will however be grateful for what I do have.  These next two weeks will be BUSY though with final projects, so I've played today.
After staying up late for our staff retreat Friday night, I got up early to head down to the City Centre for the Green 6.2 (10k) with Carolina.

It was a hot run, but a great way to start a Saturday.
Afterwards we met up with Dinah for breakfast & coffee at Flora & Muse.  Great atmosphere and food!  And we did a little shopping.  I love the City Centre.
I ran by Ikea to pick up a few things that you will see once they're actually put to use in the organization of my office and then headed on to lunch with Lyndsey, Chris, Jenni and Dave.

Other than church and a few other distracted breaks, I've been working on grad school.
Praying God can help me sustain my attention span and focus long enough to get these projects finished!!  Have a great week!

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