Monday, April 23, 2012

Mid week to Weekend Update

Wednesday we met Lyndsey and Chris at Collina's in the Heights for dinner. Perfect weather, great atmosphere and lots of yummy pizza! We had like 3+ leftover meals per couple.

Thursday was Earth Day. I usually ride my bike to school on Earth day, I drove to work that day. I think that makes me a bad person.

Friday a storm came through Houston just before dismissal. Lightning, thunder, the whole shebang. Have I mentioned lately how much kindergartners loves storms...they don't and they were scared and it was hectic, but we made it through. Friday night our cable/internet was out after the storm, but what a blessing that was. Cody and I were able to have quality time with one another without tv/computers to distract us. We even ate dinner outside (I love eating meals outside).

Saturday I got up for a 6 mile run and walked outside in a sleeveless shirt and capris to behold the blessings that God bestowed upon Houston. Y'all the humidity here in Houston has been GONE the past couple of days! Praise the Lord! It was cold and I loved it! Now if only it will stay this way a little longer. I'm afraid to check the weather report for fear of it all returning.

I went later on that day to see The Lucky One. Loved the movie! It didn't follow the book that closely, but once I gave up on scrutinizing the differences, I really enjoyed. What girl doesn't love a chick-flick!? The song at the closing of the movie, The Story, will forever be associated with the movie. Do y'all do that too? There are certain songs that each time that I hear them I associate them with memories, tv shows or movies. Feels like Home will always be associated with How to Lose a Guy in 10 days. Breathe will always be associated with Meredith Grey pulling a bomb out of patient's body on Grey's anatomy. In the Garden will always be mine and my dad's song as that was the first song we ever sang together in church. Dave Barnes' On a Night Like This will always take me back to Cody's proposal and us walking up the steps together at First Baptist Church on our wedding day. Music is so closely tied to memories!

Okay off of my tangent...
That night we headed into the City Centre for Cody's sister's surprise party. It was so fun and she actually was surprised.

Sunday after church I cleaned out my closet. I had 3 bags of clothes to give away...
but my closet still looks like this:

Random tidbits:
My M-I-L gave us a Food Saver to vacuum seal food. If you recall, my husband has a love of hunting and we have started to process our own meat. I also have a love of cooking ahead and freezing food, so I feel that this will be put to good use! We've already used it for an avocado. I used half of the avocado on Sunday, vacuum sealed the other half and ate it on Friday night. Impressive!

I've started to do Insanity workout with some of my girlfriends after school. Its like bootcamp on steroids. I'm pretty sure that my arms may fall off...but whatever it takes to get ready for swimsuit season!

Only a few weeks until I finish my second semester of grad school! Whoop and PTL!

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Ashley said...

We've been processing and grinding our own deer meat for the last couple of years and I couldn't do it without the food saver!! It's so nice to have all the bags made and in the freezer for whenever you need meat. The ground meat i flatten out in the bag as much as possible so that it's a long, thin rectangle. It stores really well in the freezer that way since it's almost flat and it thaws SO quickly - like 5 minutes quickly!