Thursday, August 12, 2010


I love Francine Rivers! She is an amazing author! I just finished reading Unspoken which is (I guess) historical fiction focusing on the love story between David and Bathsheba. In the back it says" You have just read the story of Bathsheba as perceived by one author. " So Rivers has sought out scripture and then filled in the details of the story. I love history, scripture and novels, so her stories absolutely enthrall me. There are five books in this particular series and I've already read Unashamed (Mary), so I'm moving on to Unshaken (Ruth). If you've already read these, I'd recommend The Mark of the Lion series also by is my favorite series that I've ever read!

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beth said...

So happy to hear this.. I am already looking for my next book. I am currently reading 'Lineage of Grace' by Francine Rivers and its awesome!! It is made up of 5 stories ofwomen in the bible. I have been wanting to get into the word more and this is a great step!

Did you ever ready Crazy Love???