Saturday, August 7, 2010

Soakin' Up Summertime

Only a week left until I am officially back on contract. Summer just flew by!! I'm enjoying these last couple of days with my friends the best I can : )

Laying out (that white thing on my belly is where my insulin pump connects)


I've also beening painting/crafting. I'll have a few things to share soon. Though I'll spare you pictures of things like a repainted ceiling, a new color beige in our laundry room, repainted interior doors and a painted wall that will hardly be noticed (but that makes me happy).

Also, I thought you'd be impressed that I ironed nearly 50 things over a 2-day span..impressive or not at all since I let 50 iron items build up.


Sarah, Casey, & Riley said...

I LOVE rollerblading! I wish we lived closer so we could be roller buddies!

You look so cute!

The Sages said...

You could always bring your rollerblades to work and we could meet one afternoon!! I must warn you that I'm kind of awkward on my skates : )

Sarah, Casey, & Riley said...

Actually that sounds totally doable - let me get through the first two weeks of school and then we can set up a skate date (okay I'm going to have to stop with the cheesiness)! Oh and I'm pretty sure everyone in the world is awkward on skates - it just makes it more fun lol.