Monday, March 22, 2010

SB '10

Let me just begin by saying that until I got to college, I only thought that SB stood for my name, Sarah Beth. Once I was living in Collins freshman year, everyone started talking about how awesome SB'04 was and much to my dismay, they were not talking about me..... So in this entry let's all change the context of SB to mean Spring Break (tough I know).
So, some brilliant mind created a week of break in the middle of the spring semester and call is Spring Break or SB. This break is needed by both teachers and students. This year, Cody and I spent SB'10 in Keystone with some of our favorite friends, Warren & Danee and a whole crew! We went skiing 2 days at Keystone, 1 day at Beaver Creek, 1 day at Vail, the boys spent 1 day at A-basin and then we all had a final day at Keystone!! Yes that's right we were skiing 5 days, the boys 6!! What a wonderful week full of skiing, eating, shopping and games!
Our house
Keystone day 1

Keystone day 2

Beaver Creek

Danee riding the box
Warren's jump


Keystone the last day


katie + bret said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! We went skiing last February and I am dieing to get back!

beth said...

love the pics!!!

Sarah, Casey, & Riley said...

These pictures are awesome! They look sharper and the color is more rich -did you get a new camera?

The Sages said...

Sarah, we do have a digital SLR. Sometimes I use it and sometimes I use my little point and shoot. I can tell a huge difference too : )