Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer in the city

So not quite summer, but only 2 days away! Woohoo!! I'm so excited for summer, but I KNOW I will start missing my kiddos the second they get on the bus Wednesday afternoon!
Let me begin by the excitement of a house update!! Or actually a yard update!! Cody and I have been working on the side yard (back by the garage). Prior to the pictures that I am about to share, our fence was nasty with unkept ivy growing all over the fence, the flower beds were a mess, overgrown in some parts, and empty in others, a general mess!! Cody powerwashed the fence, and then each of us planted a flower bed! Cody really gets credit for this update, but look at how wonderful it is now!

I am now inspired to go work on the front two flower beds that need attention and the back two flower beds also! While the flower beds were being worked on, look at what the puppies were doing...
I don't know if you can see the dried mud on her back or not

They dumped their outside water bowl into a some dirt to make a huge mud puddle, then proceeded to play in it. Needless to say both pups got baths!
Also an update on Cody's jalepenos: they've grown!! He has two that he was able to pick!

My sage and cilantro did not fare quite so well. The sage never grew and I only have one cilantro plant that has survived my awesome gardening skills..oh well!
Other fun things from this week:
Coffee date with Meagan!
Dinah got her new puppy, Charley! He is precious!!


beth said...

LOVED the post- can't wait to come visit this summer! We do need to plan our girls trip ASAP! love you

Sarah Shalley said...

just read through the whole blog. haha. : ) love the house. we'll have to make some dinner plans and get to know one another better. i'm sad i won't see ya'll next week. i get home from michigan the 11th. when do you start summer school? have a great week!