Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I know its late in the day, but Happy Father's day! How blessed we are to have such Godly, loving men as our fathers!

What a busy weekend to end a busy week!! This was my first week of summer school and a first week of school always has its crazy moments : ) Only 9 days left of SS though!
Friday night HB came up and we went on our semi-annual VS sale date : )

Then we got the boys and went to the drive in to see Year One. What a fun experience! We decked out the bed of the truck with chairs for the boys and blankets for me and HB and ate our CFA as we watched the movie! It was a double feature but we only made it through one movie..we're getting old : )
The girls! (the boys never both cooperated for the same picture..)

Saturday, Cody and I got up early and began working outside. Cody dug holes, and put posts in the ground to concrete in for a fence. We have a side part of our back yard that we fenced off for Ellie to stay in during the days. We went to Houston Garden Center and bought all kinds of flowers, plants and grass to fill in our yard. We worked outside ALL DAY Saturday!!
Saturday night Natalie, Brett, Lindsay and Chad came over to grill out. We had so much food!! It was a very fun night!

Then today we went to church, ran some errands, then got back to finishing the outside tasks that we had started yesterday! Only one flower bed to go! The weekend flew by so fast!
Before (I don't think the picture does justice to exactly how overgrown it all is! It was a mess!!)
Still looking for the right stones to edge this bed

Back yard flower bed. You can see some of the new grass we put down. We need to add more and fix the flower bed thats just to the right of this picture : )
Cody's fence!! Now I don't mean to brag or anything, but my husband is amazing!! He built this like it was no big deal : )

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jen + ryan said...

your house looks great!! and tell hannah that i say hi! :)