Monday, June 8, 2009

School's out for the summer!!!

Well...technically school's out until summer school starts next Monday, but its only 14 days, so we won't count it!
This weekend we got to go home for three days (woohoo) to spend time with our families! We got into Longview late Thursday night. Friday morning, Ellie experienced swimming in a pool and she LOVED it! She probably swam 2-3 times a day each of the 3 days we were home!
Ellie swimming

Ellie and Speedy

Chlo won't get in the water, so she runs along the side when other dogs swim

Later that morning, mom took me up to the Primary. This is the school that we went to kindergarten and first grade at. The past 10+ years it has just been the pre-k, K campus. My mom has been teaching kindergarten at Pine Tree Primary since I was in 5th grade!! Well, the school is super old and they've built a new primary! We went up for one final look at the school and drove by the new school on the way home!
Mom's class all packed up!

Mom has pictures of Brad and I right here from our first days of kindergarten! : ) *Note that I am sporting a Primary shirt!

I got to go on a lunch date with my daddy and spend time with him while Cody went on a lunch date with his mom and went golfing with her. I also got to lay out by our pool, oh how I miss that! Then on Friday night, we went up to the church for Leanne Fruge Atwood's rehearsal (dad and I sang in the wedding) and then on to Jalapeno Tree for dinner (yum!).

We walked outside to see Speedy eating Chloe's breakfast that we had put up on a tall outdoor counter so Ellie wouldn't eat it : )

On Saturday, mom hosted Chrystal Slack's wedding shower at her house, so I went over for that and then we headed up to the church for Leanne's wedding, which was beautiful! I didn't get any pictures though! Mom and I then got to go shopping (of course!). I live in Houston, but probably do more shopping in Longview than anywhere else : ) For dinner that night, the Browns and the Sages ate all of the wonderful food that Roger grilled for us!

On Sunday, we did church at OHBC, lunch at Butcher shop and then headed back to Houston. Neither of the puppies moved on the 4 hour trip home. They were absolutely exhausted!
Me and my girls! : )

Oh and I finally got a lantern for our outdoor table!

A few pics from last week:
Last "Thursday" morning breakfast at our house

Last 08-09 Kteam pic!


Montag-YOU said...

Ellie reminds me of Marley, black labs look SO cute in the water. Don't you love how crazy they are about the water?! Happy summer! I am teaching summer school too, ugh!

Montag-YOU said...

I am at Birkes! Teaching PreK, woohoo! I am already counting down the days - is that bad??!! haha