Friday, June 12, 2009

There's a Light at the end of the tunnel

What an exciting first week of summer! So far this week I have spent close to three full days weeding out the 4 flower beds in the front of our house. In noting the color of the pine needles (they are gray and match the siding) in these flower beds, I am thinking that the beds have not been touched since the house was painted 5 years ago! Needless to say this was not your average flower bed weeding job, it was tough, but proved worth it! Hopefully we'll be planting super soon and I'll have pictures to share!
While I was outside in the Houston heat, my insulin pump got moisture in it, probably from the humidity! My pump did not survive and I had to call Medtronic to get a new one! They are amazing though, I called about 5pm on Wednesday night and had my new pump before 10am yesterday morning!!
Mine looks like this one, but its clear instead of blue!

I also had training this week for summer school and got to set up my classroom. As much as you would think I would dread summer school since I've just finished the regular school year, I'm excited! I like going into different schools and working with different kiddos! I'm also excited to teach Math/Science with the new curriculum they gave us!
On Wednesday I drove downtown to eat lunch with Cody! I got to see their building that they're working on.
Its so tall that I couldn't get it all in a pic

And then we went to eat lunch. Let me just tell you that downtown Houston has an underground tunnel system with restaurants, stores, doctors offices, banks, ect! I have been intrigued by this since I've first heard about it! I have always pictured it as an actual tunnel with occasional restaurants, which is not what it turned out look like. It looked more like an underground mall!

I'm off to San Antonio today with some girls to go see Wicked and play on the Riverwalk! Woohoo! Happy Friday!


SMB said...

Sarah Beth, I figured i'd come out of my blog stalking to comment on this post. That building is awesome, i work in the chase building caddy corner from it and i've been enjoying watching it be built over the past year!


Mike and Cymbre said...

What an awesome under ground tunnel! Congrats on being productive on home projects! oh---pics of Nancy covered in slime on my blog by the way!