Saturday, July 27, 2013


When we went to Longview for the 4th of July, Cody had to leave from there to go out of the country for work, so Sadie and I got to spend two weeks in Longview.  We were busy : )

Daddy and Sadie before he left

Matching momma
Sadie's sweet cousins
Erin made a welcome sign for her : )

Meeting Traci

Meeting great-grandparents

LOTS of spoiling by the grandparents

Swimming for the first time (and 2nd)

Morning walks with Carol, mom and Sadie

Sadie's first church service to make it through
I took and passed the Principalship exam
Sadie's first nail shop experience..and mommy got a pedi
Great bbq in Tyler

A very snug back seat on the way back to Houston (Sadie, Chloe in my lap and Ellie on my right).

We missed Cody a lot, but really enoyed the company and spoiling in Longview : )

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Mike and Suzi :) said...

Please add me!

Bobbie said...

she's getting so chunky! Love it! And love your green chevron shirt!