Wednesday, July 31, 2013


DIY is a relative term, especially when the project you choose requires embroidery and your mom is the one with the machine and the ability to sew.   So DIY is now DIYM...Do it yourself mom. : )  The DIY project I picked, I actually had to have help on : )
After seeing hats like this on groopdealz and pinterest, I decided that I wanted one too.  Using pink chevron fabric left over from Sadie's nursery and a $2 hat from walmart, I made the hat.

 I cut out two circles that were the same size and I...err mom, sewed them together to make a thicker piece of material before adding my monogram.  I then hand stitched the patch onto the hat.  Easy, at least my part was.  : )

My DIY ideas also led us to make these tshirts when I was in Longview for 2 weeks.  We picked up shirts for the girls in the family and Alex (because he is still little).  We then went through the fabric that my mom has and picked out some to match each shirt (the little girls' pockets match and the big girls' pockets match).  Mom eyeballed a pattern for the pockets and did the same thing as for the patch on my hat (double up the fabric, turn it inside out and sew together before flipping back right side out).  She then used her machine to add the monogram to each pocket before sewing them onto the shirts (little dress in Sadie's case).  I LOVE the way they turned out!

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