Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Turkey Cucumber Wraps

Remember that one time that I had a blog that was abandoned for a month..whoops..

This is a quick "recipe" if you can even call it that, that I found on Pinterest.
Turkey Cucumber Wraps

Laughing Cow Cheese
Ranch Dip Mix
Chopped Cucumber

1. Place laughing cow cheese in a bowl and whip until smooth.  Add in ranch dip mix (I eyeballed it to see what I thought looked like a good mix) and cucumber and stir well.
2.  Place a spoonful on the mixture in the middle of the tortillas and spread to even out.
3. Add in turkey, roll up and cut in half.
Its a perfect refreshing lunch : )

*Total carbohydrates depends on the size of the tortilla.  Approximately 19g.

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