Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rip 'em up, Tear 'em Up, Sic 'em!

Life is busy.  I feel like that would be an understatement for most people, but life is busy.  This means that time with friends has to be intentionally planned.  Luckily I have amazing college friends who take the time to plan out weekends even though we each live in a different big city in Texas. 
Well this past weekend was one such occasion full of shopping, eating, laughing and a little Baylor football.

The shopping was ever so successful, but unfortunately the game was not for our Baylor Bears.  We were immersed in a sea of burnt orange in Texas' giant stadium and although neither team actually had a defense, I guess theirs was just a little more present that ours was.  The game went down literally to the last minute with a final score of 56-50, which tells you that both teams had good offenses.  Oh well! We still had fun! Sic 'em!

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