Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Leftover Pizza

In our house we love to make pizza.  Lately we've been making it about once a week.  In case you need a reminder on how we make our pizza, here it is.  We typically each make a pizza (and usually we'll have guests for pizza night, so obviously they do too), then we will make leftover pizzas and go ahead and cook them.  Sometimes though we still have leftover dough.  Its too good to throw away, so we will go ahead and roll it out into pizzas and place them into a ziploc baggy divided either foil or wax paper and toss them in the freezer so they are ready to become quick pizzas another day.
Last night, I pulled out some frozen pizza dough and placed it on the counter with the ziploc open to allow it to rise again.  We used other leftovers from our house to make amazing little pizzas.  We had some fresh pesto leftover from what we used on pasta earlier in the week and combined it with evoo as the base for the pizza.  Cody had smoked a chicken on the smoker a week before, so we used the leftover from that for part of the topping.  We also put a little spinach and onions onto the pizza before mixing in some feta and mozarella.  The result was so good! :)  Now if only I can master using the cast iron skillet without burning myself..

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