Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weekend of Birthdays

Two of my closest friends celebrated their birthdays within the past week. 
We started Carolina's birthday celebration (Carolina de Mayo) on Thursday night with dinner at El Tiempo (woohoo for getting one like 5 minutes away).  I usually do not get fried food, but I loved my Canonnball (chicken stuffed fried avocado).
Afterwards we headed to Vino Artino to paint Dogwoods in Bloom.  We had a blast and although I'm pretty sure that my painting doesn't look too much like the original, I still like it.
BTW, I have found something else to paint with chalkboard paint (love!).  Last weekend when we were at brunch after out 10k, they had a wine bottle painted with chalkboard paint with some teeny white flowers in them, so I copied : )
Carolina de Mayo continued!  On Friday, we headed to the Boneyard with our pups to let them play and let us chat.  The pups did not get a picture, we did not get a picture of the guys, but you better believe that we got a picture.  Obviously the first picture was simply we decided to take another.

On Saturday I finished up the grad school semester with my Stats final.   After turning it in WHOOP! Cody and I headed to the outlets for a bit (amazing) before heading into town to celebrate Hannah's birthday.  Hannah is one of my sweet Baylor Zeta friends.  We both moved to Houston (sic 'em) and have been able to journey through our post grad life together.  For her bday cleebration, we had dinner at Branchwater Tavern.  I had an amazing Kobe beef burger!  Then we headed to The Fleming apt for RJ Goody's cake! Yum!
( I somehow ended up with no pictures of this night though)

We ended up having a very productive Sunday after church getting yard work done, the house cleaned and a few little projects finished.  I used a big stick to get one of the girls' toys out of a tree (weird, I know...) and then Ellie revered it as her greatest stick find ever. 
I am beyond thankful to be finished with my first school year of grad school and am so grateful for the next 3 weeks of a break before the summer sessions begin!

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