Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The end of another year

Without a doubt, this has been the hardest year of school I have had to date.  Now I realize that its only my 5th year of teaching, but being able to qualify my 5th year as harder than my first is really saying something.  I have been running on E this year for a good majority of the time.  This was my first year of grad school and trying to find a balance between the two and to do a good job at each came with its challenges.  School itself presented some challenges this year that I had not yet encountered as a teacher.
But all of that being said, we made it through, my kids and I all grew tremendously from the beginning of the year and as ready as I am for a break, this will be the toughest group of kids for me to pass along yet.
I am beyond thankful for the lessons that I have learned this year, the ways that I have grown as a teacher, the ways that I have learned to meet my students needs and the ways that God has strengthened me throughout these past 10 months.

Next year will bring 2 new things: 
I am saying goodbye to kindergarten and am moving to second grade to teach and I will be (hopefully) finishing up my graduate degree in May.
This summer I am praying for rest of mind, body and spirit, preparation for a new grade level and renewal for the school year to come. 

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