Thursday, May 17, 2012


There is a restaurant at the entrance to our neighborhood called Clementines

For some reason in the 3+ years that we have lived here, we had never visited the restaurant (I mean we just don't eat out that much).  In fact, the very idea that we had not yet visited Clementines became an on going joke between us and several members of our family.  Well low and behold a Groupon came up a few weeks ago and I seized the opportunity for us to have a dinner out. 
Cody and I walked up to Clementine's last night for dinner and were pleasantly surprised with the food.  Their menu had a good variety, but we both ended up with Italian. 
Cody ordered the chicken parmesan and I got the lasagna.  We also may have gotten bread pudding too...and it might've been really good.  We will definitely be visiting again! A good restaurant within walking distance is a winner!

On a different note, Ellie is super obedient, like beyond what you would expect from a dog.  However, tonight when they rode with me to pick up some CFA nuggets and some diet lemonade (oh my word, how have I not tried the diet lemonade before, its magical) she snuck up to the passenger seat from the back of the car then refused to sit in the back. 
I call that being disobedient...but I'm a bad puppy mom and let her stay there.  The teacher in me is groaning....developing bad habits : )

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