Sunday, May 27, 2012

Office Organization

Our desk had become a place that gathered clutter.  Unfortunately I needed the desk for homework.  Part of the problem was that the desk did not have any storage and the book shelf that was in there did not hold too much.  After looking for a new desk and not finding one that we really liked, we opted to change out the storage in the office instead.  Pinterest helped me find the Ikea Expedit Shelf
I also picked up the green storage boxes at Ikea.  Our books are organized a little better and I weeded through some so that I will not become a hoarder.  I reorganized these drawers and used scrapbook paper on the front to make the drawers a little bit more presentable.
I reorganized my books at school and had some left over magazine files (also from ikea) but did not want their plain white selves in my shelf.  I read on Pinterest (oh my I am betting you are tired of hearing that) that you could recover magazine files with fabric.  Can you guess what kind of fabric I had extra of at my house?  Burlap, of course.  I used fabric glue to adhere the burlap to the magazine file and hot glue to attach it to the inside and bottom.  I used hot glue to attach ribbon to the files, so now I have a place for my grad school notes and loose papers.
I also won a gift certificate from Eighteen25 for Kari Machal Designs on etsy.  I ended up getting a lot of prints, but the two that worked with this shelf were the Deer Silhouettes.  I placed them in fairly girly white frames and love them!
I like the right side of shelf top but need to either rerrange or add something to better balance out the left side.  Any suggestions?
We now have a much more functional office!

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