Saturday, March 31, 2012

My life in pictures

Randomness seems to be the theme as of late, but pictures help me remember what I want to share:

Cody and I got to celebrate my in-law's anniversary with them again this year (last year we were in Hershey, PA on their anniversary aka St. Paddy's day) . Went to Fleming's for some yummy steaks! I cannot express how grateful we are for the example of marriage that has been set for us in our parents and grandparents!

That same weekend, we saw Alan Jackson at the Rodeo with Cody's parents, sister and brother-in-law. Alan Jackson was not a super-energetic entertainer like Miranda Lambert was (we had gone with Cody's sister and b-i-l to see Miranda earlier in the week), but you knew every song that he played, so he was fun to sing along with. I am always amazed at the sheer number of people who go to the rodeo & carnival each many people! We also saw a lot of children going to the rodeo/carnival as we were leaving around 7:30 on the last night of Spring Break..really parents?

Last Friday right after school, a group of teacher's went to see the Hunger Games. Now I am a not usually a big follower of fad books/movies. I have not seen Harry Potter or the Twilight series and will not do so unless I feel so inclined to read the books before (which I have not been thus far). Cody's cousin got me to read the first game of the Hunger Games and I got hooked. So we were the crazy people last week who bought tickets earlier in the week and were at an afternoon showing of the movie. It was for the most part very true to the book and of course a fun experience when you have that many teachers in a confined space : )

We also went to Dallas last weekend for my cousin, Kara's wedding. Although I do not have a picture of the busy bride, know that she was gorgeous.

We stayed with our friends Warren and Danee and on Sunday, Danee and I got up early enough for her to bike and for me to run White Rock lake. It was so peaceful!! I wish that I had gotten a picture of the rowing crew, but just picture them in the middle of the lake. If we lived in Dallas, I would run here frequently.

Ellie had to have a spot removed on her face and now she had stitches. Of course she seems unaffected, but it makes me hurt for her. Poor pup. I am in so much trouble when we have kids....

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