Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break: San Antonio

This year for Spring Break, it worked out to take a quick trip to two Texas towns with my mom, Beth and her mom. We started out our trip in San Antonio.
We stayed at the Ruckman Haus that I had read about on Lynn's blog and were absolutely in love with it!

The decor was wonderful and it was so peaceful, but my favorite part was the balcony that we shared between our two rooms.

Once we arrived on Sunday and checked in, we headed to a very north, uncrowded part of the riverwalk which was the old Pearl Brewery. It had a few shops and resturants. We grabbed a quick snack (a chocolate chip cookie the size of my head and a vanilla latte) at the Culinary Institute of America's bakery. YUM!

Afterwards, following a friend's suggestion, we hopped on a river taxi and rode all the way down to the main part of the riverwalk near the Alamo and the mall. If you are going to San Antonio and want to ride on the river, I suggest the taxis over the cruises/tours. We saw tons of people waiting in line to get on one of the tour boats. We were able to hop on and off the taxi when we wanted to. It was much easier.

While riding, we had to go through a lock, which released water to let us down to river level on the way into downtown and added water to raise us up to the level of the new part of the river on the way back. I have never been on one of those before, it was very interesting.

Once downtown, we snatched up some good deals at the GAP sale before heading to Rita's on the River for dinner and heading back.

Beth and I got up Monday morning and ran the park a few blocks from our B&B before being greeted with an amazing breakfast on the patio.

Afterwards, we packed up and drove on to San Marcos for a very successful day of shopping at the outlets.

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Lynn Cooper said...

I love that you went to the Ruckman Haus! Weren't they just the nicest couple?! I'm glad you had fun. And Greune is one of my favorite places also. What a fun trip!