Monday, October 25, 2010

A tale of two cities

This weekend,
Cody was in Dallas to visit friends and for Muddy Buddy in which he competed with Warren, Nick and his brother Garrett.

Meanwhile, I was in Longview to run the Monster Dash
The moms and I pre-race

Right at the mile 1 marker that just happened to be at my parent's house
My 10k time

It was fun, but I missed you Carolina! I'm not used to running without a partner to talk to!

Then we cleaned up and my parents and I headed to Ft. Worth for the triplets' first birthday!! There were SO many precious babies there! It was amazing to see how much Jack, Addie, and Carter have grown up over this past year and all of the friends and family that love them so much!
Carter enjoying his new toy. This little one is a ham! The second I brought up my camera, he gave me this huge grin!

Erin and Ella helping the babies with the toy
I got to love on my sweet niece!
Addie playing with her new toys
All three of the 1-year olds enjoying their cakes!! Jack, Addie and Carter. Carter is the one who REALLY enjoyed his cake : ) He wasn't afraid to dig in!

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katie + bret said...

Dang girl you were hauling some booty! Great job!!