Monday, October 11, 2010


Me, not you, no worries! Apparently I have been ignoring my poor little blog. What have I been doing might you ask? Teaching, cooking and running.....I've also managed to sneak a little friend time in! Also possibly a little shopping... The purchase I am currently most excited about is running shoes from Luke's Locker. I'm about to take them on their inaugural run. Woohoo!

A snapshot:
Dinah and I rollerblading a few weeks ago..

Carolina, Lauren and I running on our 10 mile long run around Memorial Park, to Buffalo Bayou and back. LOVE having downtown in the background!

On that note, I'm running in a 10k in a few weeks close to Halloween time and they encourage costumes...any ideas on something I can run 6 miles in? : )

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Sarah, Casey, & Riley said...

You could always wear butterfly or bumblebee wings over your camelpak?