Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gotta be...Veggie Tales!

Last weekend Brad, Jen and Erin came to visit!!
On Saturday afternoon we headed down to Sugarland to take Erin to Veggie Tales Live. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it : )

Afterwards we headed into town to go to the Houston Children's Museum. It was free museum day and the place was PACKED. Thankfully, Erin is such a trooper and didn't mind waiting in line to get in. Once we got in that place was a madhouse, but we found the toddler area of the museum and it was a safe haven from the craziness.
Erin "spying" her parents
The largest Lite-Brite I have ever was so cool!

We then realized how starving we were and headed to the Ninfa's on Navigation (YUM) before heading home for cupcakes and Nemo.
I LOVE when they come to visit!!!

Random picture update
One day last week Carolina and I showed up basically as twins : )
Shopping for Bridesmaid dresses for Hannah's wedding
Dog park a few weeks ago:
E showing off her mad jumping skills
Our friends Brad and Lindsey's dog, Cooper, swimming for the first time
Chloe playing off in the "woods" on the big dog side...she always runs up to the dogs that look more like horses. Does she really not realize that she's only 8 lbs!?
Grayleigh and I with our awesome ABC shirts : )

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Sarah, Casey, & Riley said...

We love that dog park! We used to take Riley there all the time when we lived in that area - I really miss going there because Riley loooves to swim.

LOVE the alphabet shirt! So cute!