Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So far this school year...

The best comments I've heard thus far....

Student 1: "Hey, did you brush your teeth today?"
Student 2:"Ya, I did."
Student 1: "Then why does your breath smell so funny?"
Student 2: (nonchalantly) "I dont know."
And then they continued working like nothing had happened..

While looking at the pictures on my desk, one student noticed a "marry" picture from my wedding. She got excited about the picture and pulled a little boy over there to see the picture.
The boy then said to the girl, "hey maybe we should get married when we get older."
She said, "okay."
And they walked off...
Two weeks later, I overheard a discussion between these two:
Girl: "Hey, remember when you said we were going to get married when we're grown up?"
Boy: "yea"
Girl: "Well I think we shouldn't get a dog, because I'm kind of allergic to them...let's get a hamster."
Boy: "okay"

I wore my hair wavy one day...as the students walked in one asked "Mrs. Sage, did you just get out of the shower or something?"

Today when we were discussing the five senses, we were talking about touch and how sometimes touching something will warn your body that it is not safe. I gave the example of my mad cooking skills which often lead to burns. I even showed them my scar from burning my arm cooking pizza. One student raised his hand and when I called on him he said, "maybe you should just let Mr. Sage cook from now on."

Hope you're having a great week!


Jackie said...

I cannot imagine a job that is more entertaining!

Gina said...

hehe....kindergarten makes me giggle.
i've been reading your blog. fun fun!
hope you're doing well!