Saturday, September 4, 2010

DIY Sign

I love finding things and turning them into something new! My sweet husband brought me two ceiling tiles and I was excited to turn them into signs for my classroom.

For the first ceiling tile, I used black paint that I already had from a armoire project last summer. The tile soaked up the paint so I had to put several coats on it (it was suggested afterwards that I use a shellac prior to the colored paint so it wouldn't soak in quite as much).
After the black coat dried, I measured off 4 inches on each side and drew a line with a pencil. In those two measured off areas, I used white paint to make polka dots.
After the polka dots dried, I hot glued thick ribbon on top of my pencil lines.
In the middle of the board, I used bright green paint and a thin paint brush to write the words "Welcome to Kindergarten."

After everything had dried, Cody drilled two holes in the top so that I could place a ribbon through to hang it up with.

For the other ceiling tile, I used a staple gun to attach the little bit of fabric that I had left over from my desk skirt and classroom curtains.
I then hot glued thick green ribbon to make a border. I used green paint to paint the words "You have an amazing brain!" Cody drilled two holes in the top of this one also so that I could place a ribbon through to hang it up.
(This is a super blurry picture, but its the only one I have of the finished product)

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