Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Going through the Big D and do mean Dallas

So I'll admit it, I'm hooked on running... This past Sunday, I got to run my second half marathon with some of my sweet friends! This was so much more fun than running by myself! We had a blast!
We headed up to Dallas on Saturday morning and stopped by to see Danee. We went out on the porch to enjoy the beautiful day and managed to get locked outside : ) We did get back in the house though by jumping the fence. What a fun experience!

Once we got to Beth's we made the Marathon Cookies mentioned in a previous post.

On Saturday night we headed over to Luigi's in Rockwall to carb-up pre-race day. As always, the combination of all of the girls made for a fun, very giggly night.

On Sunday morning we got up bright and early to head to the Cotton Bowl for the Big D half marathon. We were all nervous! Carolina and I wanted to run the 13.1 miles in under 2 hours and Kelly and Beth were running their first half wanting to finish in under 2:20. So to ease our nerves we took lots of pictures.

At 8 am the race started. Carolina and I finished in 1:57! Woohoo!! Kel and Beth finished in 2:12! Woohoo! We all met our goals and were super excited to say the least.

Afterwards, we went to the Dallas Athletic Club for a yummy brunch.

Now onto the next half...probably sometime in the fall seeing as how running in the heat already seems miserable : )

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katie + bret said...

GREAT JOB!!!!! You did amazing! :) I know you have GOT to be proud of that amazing time! YEAH!!