Saturday, January 25, 2014

6 years!

Cody and I celebrated our 6th anniversary at the end of December (Last year I did a year by year recap in this post).  What a year it has been! We have become parents and have learned to work together and rely on one another unlike anything we could have imagined doing.  I am thankful each day for this amazing, constant man who I have fallen even more in love with while watching him not only be a fabulous husband, but take on the role of loving father as well.

We went to Shreveport to celebrate and enjoyed a nice dinner and I spent my first night away from Sadie, while mom kept her in Longview (and I made it y'all!).  It was nice to have a restful night (even when Sadie sleeps through the night, I still kind of listen for her..), but so good to get back our little family of 3 (5 counting the pups of course).

Happy Anniversary! Looking at the blessings of these first 6 years of marriage, I can only hope that the next 50+ years will bring even more joy than we could possibly imagine.

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