Wednesday, September 25, 2013

4 months

Only 16 days late...can you tell that I went back to work?

Our Sadiebug is 4 (and 1/2..) months old!  These pictures were from the 9th though when she actually was 4 months.

At 4 months, she
*weighs 13lb 5oz
* is 23.5 inches long
*Loves watching her puppies
*seems to be observing everything
*loves to scream for fun
*talks a lot 
*can roll from her tummy to her back and from back to her side..not quite back to tummy yet
*is sleeping a lot less consistently (I'm blaming it on me working)...we are back to waking up 2ish times a night
*Is a happy girl and smiles a lot
*will grab onto any and everything she can
*still loves to hold hands
*fans and lights are still a love
*loves kicking, talking and playing in the bathtub
*prefers sitting to laying
*Loves music
*plays with daddy's beard
*loves attention
*is still wearing her Pavlik harness full time and taking medicine for acid reflux

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