Friday, January 18, 2013

23 weeks

Sometimes I feel like we are flying through these weeks and then sometimes my thoughts fall more along the lines of "we are only at 23 weeks?"  I am enjoying being pregnant and experiencing everything for the very first time.  I am so excited about each kick (or hit/roll..not sure what she's doing) and it makes me smile to feel Baby Girl move.  I cannot wait until each ultra sound, so I can see her sweet little face again. I have had the first I'm sure of  my freak out "I don't have everything ready for her yet" moments.  I ordered 7, yes count them 7, books on babies that I am currently reading through (along with my grad school reading..) so that I will be a little more clued-in.  : ) I am working on a nursery scheme, how I want to paint and the exact colors I want her nursery to be.
How far along:  23 weeks
How big is baby:  Grapefruit
Maternity clothes:  Yes. Love them
Sleep:  Still loving that new bed
Food cravings:  Cheese its and chocolate (so good!)  and Caffeine-free Diet coke
Food aversions:  none this week
Symptoms:  Heart burn.  Loss of brain cells?   Indecisiveness?  Maybe I am just looking for something to blame the last two on : )
Movement: Dance party in my stomach.  She moves whenever I get still.  LOVE the feeling!
Gender:  Girl
What I’m looking forward to:  Working on getting her room ready and reading to get us actually ready!  We won't get to hear her heartbeat/see her little face again until February.
What I miss:  Running clothes that jacket is barely zipping, Not being able to squeeze through tight spaces (I subconsciously am still trying to suck in..doesn't work)
Best part of the week: hearing her heartbeat and Cody getting to feel her move some more


katie + bret said...

have you noticed her moving more when you eat certain foods yet? Any time I ate pizza (which I really don't care for) Brooklyn would go NUTS in my tummy. I am pretty sure she is going to LOVE pizza.

The Sages said...

Chocolate. I guess its the caffeine?