Thursday, January 10, 2013

22 Weeks

How far along:  22 weeks
How big is baby:  Papaya
Maternity clothes:  Yes. Love them
Sleep:  Having to readjust to school schedule....morning just comes so early.
Food cravings:  Cheese its and chocolate
Food aversions:  none this week
Symptoms:  Heart burn.  I am also more tired than normal.  Could it also be possible that my ability to park a car well has demised due to pregnancy?
Movement: Feels like she's dancing...especially on my bladder..when it is full : )  LOVE feeling her move though! 
Gender:  Girl
What I’m looking forward to:  Hearing her heartbeat at the next dr's appointment, feeling her move more often and starting work on her nursery!
What I miss:  Putting my blood sugar sensor in with ease.  I guess stretched out skin makes it harder now. 
Best part of the week:  Questions from 7 and 8 year olds : ) 1 - "Do you feel funny now that your belly is getting bigger?"  Yes
2- "Does it hurt when she kicks you?" No 
3- "Does it hurt how much your tummy has grown?" It feels stretched already, but no it doesn't hurt : )

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katie + bret said...

so exciting!!! you are way too cute pregnant!