Sunday, January 6, 2013

20 and 21 weeks

How far along:  21 weeks (oops, I missed 20!)
How big is baby:  Pomegranate
Maternity clothes:  Mainly maternity clothes (especially the pants).   A lot of my longer or looser shirts still fit
Sleep:  New bed + Christmas break from both school and grad school = amazing sleep and even some naps..
Food cravings:  Posado's hot sauce..luckily my parents obliged this one bringing chips and salsa with them to Garrett's wedding last week (Posado's is in Longview..not Houston) and minty things still.  Oh and chocolate (hello healthy), but I think chocolate may be giving me heartburn (thank goodness for tums!)
Food aversions:  Well during week 20, I got a stomach bug, so for a few days I had a food aversion to basically everything...
Symptoms:  Heart burn.  I am also more tired than normal.
Movement: I've been feeling her move since week 18, but Cody finally felt her first kick this week!  Every time that I am still, she starts playing and the kicks have slowly been getting harder : )
Gender:  Girl
What I’m looking forward to:  Hearing her heartbeat at the next dr's appointment, feeling her move when I am still and starting work on her nursery! (I have been cleaning out everything that we don't need in this house and organizing everything that's left to start this process).
What I miss:  Nothing right now
Best part of the week:  Cody finally feeling her move! 


katie + bret said...

yay for movements!!! was Cody pretty excited about feeling her? I swear every time I would grab Bret to feel Brooklyn she would stop moving and I would just look like a crazy person - ha!

My food aversion was Chick-fil-a, how sad is that?! My food craves was sour candy and fruit. I had BIG bowls of fruit every week!!

The Sages said...

I would be so sad if mine was Chick-fil-A. Its just so good! : )

She still does the move until daddy puts his hand on my stomach thing and then stop, but he'll catch her every once in a while.