Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wine Cork Wreath

So I found this wreath on Pinterest a while back and loved it. Upon reading the fine print (aka directions), I discovered that it required 180 wine corks. There was no way that I would be making this any time in the next few years and for my short patience, that was not okay.
Well low and behold, we took a trip to San Fran and NAPA at the end of December (oh my goodness...missing this trip so much! It was SO fun!) and Napa just happens to have lots of wine corks (who would've ever guessed!?).
Who would ask for wine corks at fancy wineries? Oh I would and I did tell them that I wanted them for a craft too. Those kind people filled up bags for in I had to ship them back to us because there was no room in my suitcase (we carried on, I am so low maintenance....)
We made it back to Houston before the shipment did, but once we received it, I went to work on my wreath.
You will need:
a 12" straw wreath (oh my goodness these are so cheap!)
glue gun and glue sticks
180ish wine corks
floral wire

1- Remove the plastic from the wreath and use the floral wire to create a loop around the wreath with enough slack for hanging.
2- Sort out the corks. Any corks that you have a lot of you, you will want to use for the base layer. I tried to hold back all of the really cool looking/pretty corks for the top layer. I wanted it to be a good variety.
3- Line up the corks in a neat row around the inside and all around the front part of the wreath that will be seen. Use two dots of glue on each cork. Do not put any corks on the back side of the wreath as it will be hanging on the wall and will need to lay flat.

4- After the bottom layer is covered, start randomly laying the corks on the wreath. Super easy!

And I found the perfect place for it above the pass through into our dining room.

Now to figure out what to do with the rest of those corks. I'm sure pinterest might have an idea or two..

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