Saturday, January 7, 2012

Letter Photo Art

Remember the "joy" letters that I made as part of our Christmas decor? The reason that I made these letters was that I had accidentally broken out the glass on 3 frames while attempting to make another craft. Well this is the other craft. At the beginning of December, I came across this tutorial on Shanty2Chic. I ended up making these name boards for our house, both sets of parents and both sets of Cody's grandparents.

You will need:
*Frames (enough for the letters in the last name...I found these at the dollar store)
*Spray Paint
*Wood big enough to fit the frames (and a kind husband to cut the wood for you)
*Sand Paper
*Paper to print out your letters from this website
*Hot Glue...or really wood or gorilla hot glue did not keep the frames on...

You will need to:
1. Spray paint frames

2. While they are drying, check out the FREE letter pictures on this website to decide which are the favorites of your name. Print and place into frames when they are dry.
3. Cut the boards to fit the frames (or kindly ask your husband to), then sand and paint boards. I used a cabinet roller to paint the boards and that made it super easy.

4. Once all paint has dried (add hangers at this point if the letter art is to be hung on the wall), put a little wood glue/gorilla glue on the corners of each frame and place them onto the wooden board. (I tried hot glue and just kept losing frames...after they were already wrapped, so use wood or gorilla glue!)

So easy!

Ours is hung above the breakfast bar in the kitchen. It brings in the Garden Sage color onto that wall since it is white : )

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Anonymous said...

those turned out great! I got one as a wedding gift and love it! hope you're doing great!