Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's the ropes and the reins & the joy and the pain & they call the thing rodeo

It's March in Houston which equals rodeo time! I LOVE this time of year! Rodeo always starts with a barbecue cook off the very first weekend which is always so fun!

Then the actual rodeo and all of the concerts follow for the rest of the month.
Sugarland: Jennifer Nettles was like a little ball of energy. They were SO entertaining!

Billy Currington: I didn't think I knew many of his songs before we went, but I did. He has a great voice and cute cowboy curls! : )

We also arrived early enough this day to go through and see some of the animals. There is a "nursery" area in the expo center where they had the "expectant mothers" and newborn "babies." Oh melt my heart! I loved it! Look at these cute little piglets! They were two days old!

We also got to see chicks hatching, incubators, and different breeds of cows. I was just dying to bring my sweet niece there or my entire class of kindergarteners! What a great learning experience that would be and oh how they would love it!

Tim McGraw: Amazing! I mean its Tim McGraw! He played a lot of his older songs, so they were the songs we all knew by heart in high school : )

Keith Urban: So entertaining! He never stopped moving! He even jumped over many obstacles to walk into the crowd in the stands.

And while we are talking about the rodeo, can I just share with you my favorite part? I love watching all of the rodeo, I really do. I am so impressed with the skill that everyone has. However, if I had to pick one event where I will without a doubt be in my seat, it has to be mutton bustin.' OMG! 5 and 6 year olds attempt to ride a sheep, need I say more. They tell about the kids as they are riding and one little boy wants to be a ninja when he grows up and another wanted to be a hunter : ) I have decided that my own children must participate in this. Ellie is close enough to the size of the sheep that they use, so my children will practice riding Ellie. Good plan right? I see a champion in our future.

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