Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Home on the range

Took me a few days, but here's our weekend wrap up! We got to go to Longview and spend time with our families and just relax!!
I got to visit my mom's school, see this sweet lady and meet mom's kids! I'm pretty sure her kids at first thought that I was going to be a little girl, so mom explained to them that I was a grown up, a lady. When I walked in one of them looks at me and said "but you're so little." I guess they were expecting a very tall/large grown up lady.

I got to go with my mom, dad and mom-in-law to Canton for a little shopping. We met up with Traci while we were there!!

Friday night we went to the Pine Tree Pirate Football game against Hallsville. Unfortunately they lost, but we were no longer there at that point. When we left they were still tied, so obviously we were their good luck charms.
We spent most of the rest of the weekend at the Sage's barndominium.
Cody played on the tractor.

The pups wore themselves out playing in the pond and running crazy!! Well Ellie played in the pond and Chloe ran crazy. We had to keep an eye on Chlo or she'd take off running towards the road or someone else's land.

That night my parents and Nanny and Papa Sage headed out to join us for a fish fry. Afterwards we lit the inaugural fire in the fire pit and enjoyed the calm. (Garrett somehow missed the pictures...)

Mom and Dad

Mr. and Mrs.

Roger and Nanny

Papa and Carol

Propping our feet up

Speedy basically playing in the fire..
We also enjoyed the Rangers win and Baylor BEATING Texas!!!!! Sic 'em!

Sunday we headed back in time to run errands and hand out candy to the little ones who stopped by. I attempted to dress Chloe up for Halloween, but she followed her theme of the weekend, took off running and dove out the doggy door. Its as if she was trying to tell me something..hmm..
The aftermath

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