Saturday, November 20, 2010

3rd time's a charm!

This morning Cody and I got up around 4 to drive down to Galveston, pick up my packet, drive to the start and start running by 7:30. He's a good man!
We met Carolina and Jorge at the starting point, then Carolina and I ran 13.1 miles!
This was our third half marathon to do together and the most challenging yet, because her foot has some kind of stress fracture and I have been sick this week. I went to the doctor on Tuesday after being miserable at school that day and found out that it was just allergies. I was given a steroid shot and instructed to take Zyrtec and Cough syrup. Needless to say, we both missed our long runs last weekend and did not run much this week in preparation.
That being said, we started out running 8:45 minute miles and I think that was just a little too fast as by mile 7, it was getting tough. We dropped back and slowed down to a more doable pace. We ended up finishing in 1:58, which was a minute slower than our Big D time, but still faster than our first half marathons! We were excited, especially considering our preceding weeks!

mile 5
Finishing!! (Just in case you notice the time, I was not lying about our finish : ) The time above me is the gun time...when the race began. The time that we finished 1:58:35 is the chip time...the time that I actually crossed the start until the time that I stepped on the last mat)

I also just got this cute new shoe charm for my bracelet!

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