Monday, June 14, 2010

It's a small world after all...

So I know that everyone says that, but I feel that I have a story to really back it up.
During my freshman year at Baylor, living in Collins, I met a very sweet friend named Jenni. I practically lived in Jenni and Julie's room in the dorm.
Then, my sophomore and junior year, Jenni and I lived together in a wonderful apartment that resembled Taco Cabana on the outside. Due to our crazy leasing agency, we weren't able to live together out senior year.

Fast forward to right about the time of our wedding. Cody's sister, Lyndsey, starts dating this guy name Chris who just happens to be (wait for it)...Jenni's brother!! Now Jenni and I NEVER introduced them. Another friend who knew both of them did. Lyndsey and Chris got engaged this past November and are getting married in August. What a sweet couple! You can just tell how happy they make each other.
This past weekend they had a couples shower, which meant that I got to see my old roommate!! How fun! And so now my Baylor roommate and I will be "related" via my sister-in-law! Random! : )
Jenni and me

Cody, me, Jenni and Dave

with the Bride! : )

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