Friday, June 4, 2010

Catch of the day

On Monday, we headed down to Bolivar for a fishing/beach day with our friends, Scott and Ashley.
All four pups came along too! Miller and Ellie had a blast running in and out of the water and chasing each other! Abby seemed to enjoy herself too, but poor little Chloe hated it. She literally sat in someone's lap the entire time unless no one was sitting! I'm thinking that my attempts to put her in the ocean didn't help : )

The guys had a lot of luck fishing on Monday! They were fishing some in the surf and then set up some fishing poles also on the beach and were running the line out via our kayak.

This resulted in a lot of fish, but the most impressive were Red fish #1 that was 40+ inches

Red fish # 2 that was 40+ inches

And the shark that took an hour to reel in!!!! Crazy!

What a fun day! We'll definitely be going back to that fishing spot! May I also share that I am officially off contract for the summer! Woohoo!! (I will be on contract for summer school next week though, but its only for 19 days!) Happy Friday all!

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