Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Days 4 & 5

Yesterday we were kind of ADD painters, completing very few things, but we did get a start on the trim and rolled a little green on the walls. Oh and our painters started painting our ceiling white! It was finished today!
We also got a new kitchen cart yesterday that actually can fit the wheels and got to put it in the kitchen!
We finished trimming out and rolling the Garden Sage (love it!) in the living room and on the one wall of the dining room that it goes on. We are still however debating whether we want to paint both of the top trims white in the living room or leave one green and one white (the first pic is of only the top one white and the second pic is of doing both trims white)..

We are also still debating the color for the two walls in the dining room that are not green. I just thought I found the right color today, but once we painted it, the dining room looked like a boys room or cammo..not really what we were going for. Now we're thinking the other walls either need to be white or a really really light tan..we'll see what works.

Tomorrow we are painting all the trim in the living room and the wall above the fireplace. We want to have one room complete. That will leave us the two extra dining room walls to figure out/paint and the two half walls around the kitchen and the game room! Woohoo! We're getting closer!!
Poor Chlo is having issues with not getting our full attention right now. She tried to climb a ladder that I was painting on today, came and sat in our laps every time that we sat down and got in front of the camera when I was trying to take a pic.

I only have one more day of school this week (I'm taking Friday off) and our family starts coming in tomorrow!!!! Yay!! Cody's project ends on Friday so he'll be SUPER busy until then!!
Hooray for house fun!


beth said...

yay yay yay cant wait to see it in a few weeks!!!!

Chrissy said...

I'm loving your updates! Your house looks so cute! Cant wait to see it when you're all done! Good luck with everything!