Sunday, November 10, 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies

I was looking for inspiration for something different to take to a shower and ended up deciding to combine brownies and chocolate chip cookies.  Everyone likes both, right?  I cheated however and did not make these homemade, but can imagine that they would be even better had I been able to.

I used 2 boxes of brownie mix and a store bought tube of chocolate chip cookies.

I mixed both brownie mixes and filled an 11x13 pan. 
I then pressed circles out of the cookie dough and placed it on top.

I followed the brownie box directions for temperature and cooked them for a loooong time.   Since they were so thick, it took a while to make sure that the middles were done.   I'd say it was at least an hour.

They were good like they were, but I also thought about using the cookie dough between the two layers of brownie. 

**Total Carbohydrates...LOTS

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