Tuesday, November 26, 2013

6 months

Sadie was 6 months old on the 9th! Half a year, such a big girl!

At 6 months she :
*15lb 3.5 oz
*25.25 inches
*has 2 bottom teeth and is working hard on the top 2
*smiles and laughs
*LOVES attention
*kicks and flails her arms when excited...which is 99% of the time
*talks and coos a lot
*sits unassisted for short periods of time, loves to sit up
*rolls both ways (even in her rhino brace)
*loves to jump
*puts everything in her mouth
*loves splashing
*Can now run with mommy

*Eats some solid foods (oatmeal cereal, rice cereal, pea puree, carrot puree and bananas)

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