Monday, September 12, 2011

Holy Grad School Batman

I know that I made the right choice by deciding to do grad school and I know that the past three weeks have been unusually busy due to the beginning of school with lots and lots of 5 year olds, but y'all I am already feeling overwhelmed. I know that I will eventually get in a pattern of how to get everything completed, but until then, I could really use prayers for focus (I'm beginning to think I might be a tad ADD...y'all my entire house is being reorganized when I need to be reading...) and staying calm.

and way more important, today is my mom's birthday!! So if you are a family member/friend, be sure to wish her a happy day!! (Ps: I won't tell you her age...but if you add 25+25+5 you might be able to figure it out :) LOVE YOU!

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