Wednesday, December 29, 2010

3 years ago...

3 years ago today I became Mrs. Sage!! What a wonderful day!! I am so lucky to have found the man God had set aside for me when were so young and to have grown with him as we were in college, preparing us for marriage. I am beyond thankful for him!!

One of my favorite parts of the ceremony (aside from "I now pronounce you husband and wife") was the fact that my sweet uncle performed the ceremony and had asked us questions about why we love each other:

"Cody, she says that she fell in love with you when she first saw your heart. Now there are many small things that make her love you, from the way you hold her hand, to how you attempt to teach her every sport imaginable. She loves driving with you because then you're trapped in the car with her for hours. She loves being goofy with you. She loves that you not only tolerate her weirdness but you embrace it. She says that when you call she smiles just at the sound of your voice. She loves how you carry her suitcase no matter how much she over packs. She loves that you are patient with her, know how to comfort her, that you laugh at her jokes and that you believe in her. She loves know that for the rest of her life you will be with her and hse knows that no matter what happens in life and no matter what circumstances will come your way, your love for each other will overcome."

"Sarah Beth, he says he loves you because you understand him. You make him confident, yet keep him realistic. He loves that you can be completely honest with each other. He likes that you let him teach you things and that you actually listen to him. He loves your smile. He loves that you sacrificed your summer just to be with him to be able to see him. He likes going to church with you and growing in your faith together. He says he wants to marry you because he wants to see you everyday. He wants to support you, to be there for you, to celebrate with you and cry with you. He looks forward to growing in your relationship with each other and your relationship with God"

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Sarah & Casey said...

Aww this made me tear up! Happy Anniversary SB & Cody!