Thursday, January 28, 2016

Where did we go...

I just noticed that I asked you to boldly come along with us on the journey to pray for our Sadie and unless you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I never updated you.  My apologies!

We visited a new doctor at a new hospital last May as Sadie's previous orthopedic surgeon left the practice that we had been going to.  The visit to that doctor was a fantastic experience.

Although he did not have previous x-rays to confirm improvement/regression, he was able to see the dysplasia.  Hers is not an extreme case.  Sadie's hip has never popped in and out of place or anything like that.  This doctor, who literally wrote the text book on orthopedic problems in children, said that he would like to give her hip time to correct itself.  If this does not happen by the time that she is four or five, we will at that point consider surgery to prevent problems as she gets older.

This response was a HUGE relief!  We are giving her body time to grow and fix and although it may not happen, she will at least be old enough to explain what is going on if we do have to have surgery.

We went back to the doctor again this week and saw very minimal improvement, but will not return for another year now.

So I guess our prayer is still the same, we were just given the gift of time!

Oh and we've had another baby! Worst blog mom ever…more on that later!

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