Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Well this is our entry into the blogging world!
This past weekend we experienced our first Hurricane as Houstonians. It was CRAZY! Cody remained calm the whole time and I of course freaked out. We stayed safe the whole time and none of our stuff was damaged (thank goodness)! Trees were down around us and quite a few of the other buildings in our apartment complex lost parts of their roofs.
We ventured out on Saturday to see what the areas around us looked like and took a few pictures!

We also saw stop lights hanging down, fences down everywhere and flooded roads. Most of our friends have their power back already, but a few are still waiting. Most places stayed closed through Tuesday, but things started to look a little more normal today.
Cody went out to check his jobsite Monday and back to work on Tuesday. Cy-fair however, cancelled school for the entire week, so I've been a bum aside from a Puppy Playdate and going to see The Women today with some friends. It was a cute movie!

Please keep the people affected by Hurricane Ike in your prayers and donate to the Red Cross if you can! They are doing SO much down here!


Jen and Ryan said...

yay for a blog friend! :) glad you guys are okay after Ike!

Carol said...

Speedy is glad Chloe remained safe throughout Ike!

Dinah said...

Yea for you and your new blog!!

Ashley said...

Yeah little! Glad I have another blog to read during work :)! Miss you and glad you're okay!

beth said...

Im so glad you joined the blogging world!!!! and so glad you are safe!! love you times two!!!